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Amazing Destinations, Outstanding Facilities in Greece

I fully recommend Dimitris Holiday houses when you plan on Greece as vacation destination. The service and pricing were excellent and the houses have all modern amenities and facilities you could wish for. Not that we spent a lot of time indoors with the absolutely amazing beaches and scenery of the island as it is only one kilometer from Anaxos and one kilometer from Petra Beaches and what was even better is that these houses are brand new, and excellently designed with stunning views from private verandas.

Lee Oslo, commercial pilot at

Cozy and Comfortable with all Amenities

I am usually not the type to leave a review of a place, but this time around, I feel I have to say thank you to the great staff and management where we rented our vacation home from in Anaxos last fall. It was amazing and the intimate setting of the smaller house we chose were still adequate for four people, although we were only one couple. The facilities were excellent thank you so much for all the trouble you went through and your prices are definitely worth staying longer for.

Stan Blow, editor at kaçak iddaa siteleri

Recommended Holiday Accommodation in Greece

I made use of anaxos-houses a few months ago when I wanted to reward a bahis siteleri employee for ten years loyal service. My decision to send them to Greece to one of the most beautiful destinations was not accidental as I came across Dimitris Holiday Houses when I went to Greece with my family last year. Seeing the magnificent locations of Lesvos Island and the affordability of the luxurious interiors with all the amenities, I knew I would love to spend time there and I wanted it so would my employee. It was an excellent decision and this is a destination and service I recommend to all!

Faith Bolek, Content Writer at

I Loved Every Second in Anaxos, Greece

Apart from the stunning place that Anaxos is, with beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, unbelievable sunsets, and great Greek hospitality do I have to thank Dimitris Holiday Houses for great accommodation. Five of us decided to rent one of the houses and we were comfortable and pleasantly surprised by the modern facilities and well-equipped kitchen, which made a breakfast a pleasure to cook in the morning. Stunning views from the veranda while we had quiet BBQ’s in the evening, I recommend you try this affordable place!

Paul Post, Sales Director at casino siteleri

All the modern comforts for my whole family

I spent two weeks at one of Dimitris Holiday Houses in Anaxos three months ago and could have asked for anything better. It was not our first time in Greece however it surely was our best time his time around. From our luxurious and spacious stay in comfortable surroundings in a house that appeared to be brand new it comfortable housed our family of five. Although they only have four individual residences, it is probably what makes their service and affordability to effortless. Magnificent views well preserved gardens and miles of endless beaches less that a kilometer away from where we stayed made walking to the beach fun each morning.

Rentia Potter, writer at canlı bahis